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Category: Shotgun Stocks - Folding and Telescoping

ATI Collapsible Buttstock with Pistol Grip and Forend for H&R and NEF (SHOTFORCE SYSTEM)


Part Number: HRN4100

HRN 4100 Transform your original 12-16-20-.410 H&R or NEF Single Shot Shotguns and Rifles with SHOTFORCE! No Gunsmithing! Simply shorten barrel (minimum 18 1/2), remove old wood, then re-install SHOTFORCE components.
Collapsible, six-position SHOTFORCE Buttstock with Pistol Grip and Forend Package is patterned after the Colt AR-15/M-4 style assault rifle. The matching AR-15 forend is included in this package. Design allows for compact carry with adjustable stock length of pull from 9-1/4 to 13-1/4. The 6-position collapsible stock will accommodate multiple shooters of all sizes from youth to adult. This design improves gun stability by extending the stock to fit shooters reach. Hardware Included.

NOTE: If your H&R/NEF rifle or shotgun has a barrel diameter of 3/4 or less we strongly recommend your purchase of our Deluxe Heatshield #SBS4600 to fill the space between the smaller barrel and forend.

FITS: All H&R, NEF Single Shot Firearms. Will not fit pumps. However, the Choate 010142 Mark 5 Pistol Grip buttstock for Remingtom 870 has been put on an H & R Pardner Pump 12 Ga. successfully.

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