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Category: Shotgun Pistol Grips: Forend Grips & Rear Grips

ATI Grooved Forend for Mossberg 500 & 600


Part Number: MOS0300

The ATI Groove Forend for Mossberg 500 & 600 improves appearance, provides excellent gripping surface, and requires no modification for installation. This rugged 8” forend matches custom stocks perfectly. Please consider this before ordering: the Standard Forend by ATI is only 6 inches long.

Please note:
  • This forend is only compatible with Mossberg Shotguns with a removable forend. Thus, any Mossberg Shotgun newer than 2006 should be checked to insure that it has a removable forend.
  • Forend requires modification for the newer "short slide" Mossberg 500/590/835 - user must shorten this forend by 5/8 inch.
  • Synthetic forends on new Mossberg Model 500A cannot be replaced because action bars are attached to forend.
  • This forend was originally sold as part of the ATI Mossberg 500 Side Folding Stock package which is now out of production.
  • This forend does not fit Maverick shotguns.
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