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Category: Shotgun Stocks - Folding and Telescoping

Butler Creek Steel Folding Stock for the Remington 870


Part Number: FS-RB

FS RB The Butler Creek Steel Folding Stock for the Remington 870. Butler Creek offers the very best in folding stocks for your favorite pump shotgun. The folding mechanism is engineered to provide years of dependable use under a wide range of field conditions. The stock locks firmly in both the open or folded position.

These stocks are available in a durable blued carbon finish. Installation is very easy and can be done at home. The pistol grip is designed to provide secure and comfortable shooting from either the hip or shoulder position.

As an added bonus, the pistol grip comes with a cap that allows conversion to cruiser style carry. We recommend replacing the factory forearm with a short version if it interferes with the stock in a folded position.

Also see the Butler Creek Protector Folding Stock that adds a shotshell carrier to the stock.

Butler Creek Steel Folding Stock - Shown below in packaging:

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