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Category: Choate Ultimate Tactical Rifle Stocks

Choate TACTICAL Stock for Savage Short Action Detachable Mag Centerfeed Only


Part Number: 250601

250601 CNC machined aluminum bedding block molded into the stock.
  • Designed for detachable magazine use.
  • Color is Black.
  • This stock has sling swivel studs on both sides.
  • Weight is 3 lbs 11 ounces.
  • Has 10.5 inch long slot for Harris bipod adapter under the forend.
  • Uses the original 2 screws for mounting.
  • Short Bipod adapter is included.
  • This stock takes the Savage factory Detachable magazine actions with action screw spacing of 4.410 center to center of the action screws. Will not fit the detachable magazine rifles where the magazine release button is part of the magazine! Will not fit the Savage detachable magazine rifles with the accurate-mag bottom metal that uses the AI magazine. Will not fit J series..

    Here are some dimensions that might help you identify your receiver length. These are the distances between the two receiver screws:(MEASURE YOUR HOLE SPACING BEFORE YOU ORDER A STOCK) Savage Centerfeed Short Action 4.411 / Regular Short Action 4.275/ long action 5.062. This stock is for 4.411 inch hole axis spacing.


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