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ATI 7-Shot Magazine Extension for Remington Shotguns

ATI 7-Shot Magazine Extension for Remington Shotguns

Part Number SMR0700

SMR 0700
If you have an 18.5 inch barrel length use the 7-shot magazine extension
If you have a 20 inch barrel length use the 8-shot magazine extension
One of 11 components in the Interchangeable Shotgun System Increases magazine capacity to 7 or 8 rounds. Made of virtually indestructible, glass-filled nylon injection molded over a steel connecting nut. Will not rust or dent. Each extension includes a new spring and instructions. Patent Pending. Includes an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty. Will fit 870/1100/1187. 12 Gage only. May require filing of your tube.

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