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Letter from Choate:

Dear Customer,

There is a problem with the S.K.S. carbine. The information we have indicates that there are. 16 different factories that make S.K.S. rifles. Some are in China, some in Russia and the rest are scattered all over Eastern Europe. As you may guess, there are many variations in the critical dimensions and manufacturing tolerances. These variations have caused some real problems for us as a stock maker. We have observed a 1/10 of inch difference in the length of a rifle action This length difference caused us to make a decision. Do we make the stock long and exclude the short rifles from using the stock? Or do we make the stocks long and let the short rifles slide around and have a sloppy fit? Any way we went would not be consistent with our quality standards.

We solved the problem. We made the stock long which most of the rifles will fit nicely. For the short guns that are not tight in the stock. We provide a shim to take up the front-to-back movement of the action inside the stock.

The shim is 1/10" thick, 1/2" wide and 1 1/4" long. It is made in the mold along side the stock and is of the same durable material.

Let me tell you how to determine if you need a shim. Place the barreled action in the stock and see if the stock moves back and forth. (There must be a little play or you couldn't get the action in the stock.) If there is enough room to put the shim between the receiver recoil lug and the stock, push it in. If the shim will not go into the gap, you probably do not need the shim. If you think a half thick shim might help your accuracy, shave it down and stick it in. Don't be concerned about the shim getting lost. It is trapped in by the trigger group. If you want to make sure the shim does not fall out when you take your rifle apart for cleaning, put a drop or two of SUPER GLUE between the stock and shim.

Let me tell you where to place the shim if you need it. Place the barreled action in the stock. Turn your SKS bottom side up. You will see a hole that should have a coil spring in it. Just l/4" forward of the spring will be the rifles recoil lug. (This solid lug on the bottom rear of the receiver is where the recoil is transferred to the stock.) The space, if you can push it in, is where the shim should go.

Please see the above drawing. Some of our customers are very resourceful and skilled in the use of hand tools. You could take your automotive feeler gages, check the gap and shave the furnished shim down or custom make a metal shim.

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