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Choate Ultimate Sniper FOLDING Stock for Savage Long Action

Choate Ultimate Sniper FOLDING Stock for Savage Long Action

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The folding sniper is built off of the designs of Maj. John Plaster, U.S.Army retired. It takes away the two bulkiest parts of the stock in order to make it light and maneuverable. (The aluminum v-block that makes the Ultimate Sniper so accurate is also utilized in the Ultimate Sniper Folder.) The recessed front hand grip is still present but the sloped forearm is cut off so there is no t-rail bipod adapter.

The adjustable butt stock is removed and a folding housing and arm added. The arm is molded with a fixed cheek piece to raise the shooter's line of sight. The Ultimate Sniper Folder folds to make the rifle 10-1/2 inches shorter than when extended. It weighs only 3-1/2 lbs. That makes the Ultimate Sniper Folder 1/2 the weight of our Ultimate Sniper Stock.

This stock is great for a pack rifle or for use in a patrol car. Models for other rifles available on request.
Here are some dimensions that might help you identify your receiver length. These are the distances between the two receiver screws: Savage short action 4.275 / long action 5.062

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