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How to Install the ATI Top Folding Shotgun Stock


1. Remove the existing recoil pad from your
shotgun stock by unscrewing the 2 Phillips head screws in the rear of the
2. Using a long flat blade screwdriver to remove the stock bolt from the inside of the opening in the
rear of the stock. 
3. Select the adapter for your shotgun. The Mossberg and Maverick require no adapters. The Remington and
Winchester adapters are marked. 
4. Select the mounting bolt supplied for your shotgun.
5. Place the bolt, with supplied washer, through the back of the grip and adapter (if used) and secure to the shotgun receiver by tightening bolt. 
6. The stock comes with a sling swivel stud mounted on the left side for right handed shooters. If you are left handed, unscrew the sling swivel stud and remove the cap and the pivot pin, then mount it on the opposite side.

  • Winchester Adapter #SPG1035
  • Remington Adapter #SPG0130

Mossberg/Maverick Bolt 5/16 & #8221 18 x 1 1/2 & #8221

Remington Bolt 1/4 & #8221; - 28 x 2 & #8221

Winchester Bolt 5/16 & #8221; - 24 x 2 1/2 & #8221


TO CLOSE: Press the the quick-release button (located on the left side
of the grip), while lifting the stock upward. As the arm closes down on
the barrel, the butt plate will fold flat. The quick-release button will
snap out securely locking the stock in the closed position.<BR>TO OPEN:
Press the quick-release button while lifting the stock away from the
barrel. When the stock is fully open, the button will lock into

The firearm will function in the open or closed position.

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