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8 Shot Magazine Extension for Benelli M1 M2 Super Black Eagle I and II
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1081189 For Benelli M1, M2, Super Black Eagle, Super Black Eagle II.

Magazine Extensions are machined from chrome moly steel tubing for extreme durability. The eight-shot extension adds three rounds over the factory configuration. (Benelli lists the factory configuration of the Super Black Eagle as 3 in the tube and one in the chamber. This would only give a total of 7 rounds including the chamber. However, Tac-Star claims that they have a Super Black Eagle with factory configuration of 4 in the tube and one in the chamber, allowing them to advertise it as a total of 8 rounds. So, what you get (7 0r 8 total) depends on how many in the tube of your shotgun.) A new spring is included. Made by Tac-Star

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