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N-Vision GT-14 Night Vision Monocular
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N-Vision's GT-14 is a high performance Gen 3 tactical night vision monocular developed and manufactured by N-Vision Optics for the most advanced professional users who require superior quality, outstanding reliability, ruggedness and unbeatable performance.

GT-14‰ۡó»s unique ergonomic design allows very comfortable single-handed operation and dramatically minimizes the probability of user errors in extreme conditions. The monocular is equipped with an invisible to the human eye short range Infared (IR) illuminator to assist with tasks that have to be performed in complete or near darkness, such as map reading, equipment repairs, etc.

GT-14 features automatic brightness control (ABC), which automatically adjusts the brightness of the image intensifier tube for varying light conditions and in-ocular low battery and IR indicators.

An ideal multi-purpose system for night time operations, GT-14 can be hand-held as a monocular, head/helmet mounted as a single-eye goggle, weapon-mounted as a night scope or attached to photo/video cameras and 3x/5x afocal attachment lenses. Also available is the dual mount adapter which allows 2 GT-14 monoculars to become one dual tube binocular system.

  • Generation 3, 2+. SuperGen, XD4, XR5
  • Magnification 1x
  • Field of View 40̴åÁ
  • Objective Lens Focal Length, mm 25
  • Objective Lens F Number 1.2
  • Min. Focusing Distance, cm 25
  • Min. Focusing Distance, in 10
  • Eye Relief, mm 30
  • Diopter Adjustment -4 to +5
  • Battery CR123 Lithium (1)
  • Battery life, hrs 40
  • Dimensions, mm 115 x 66 x 49
  • Dimensions, in 4.5 x 2.6 x 1.9
  • Weight, g 320
  • Weight, oz 11
  • Operating Temperature, ̴åÁC -30 to 52
  • Submersion 2 meters for 2 hours

GT-14 standard kit includes ‰ۡó¢ Unit ‰ۡó¢ Video adapter ‰ۡó¢ Sacrificial window ‰ۡó¢ Eyecup ‰ۡó¢ Lens cap ‰ۡó¢ Neck cord ‰ۡó¢ Soft carry case ‰ۡó¢ Battery ‰ۡó¢ Lens cleaning paper ‰ۡó¢ Operator‰ۡó»s manual.

Available to Military and Law Enforcement and now available to the general public here at This item is not available for export. Delivery on N-Vision products is 30 days ARO.

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